Kyle’s Story

Kyle is a nine year old third grader.  He lives with his great grand mother and two older cousins; his mother became pregnant with Kyle at the early age of 14.  After giving birth, she left him with her grand mother and never returned. Kyle’s great grand mother began searching for Kyle’s father so that he could know his family.  After locating Kyle’s father he denied all involvement due to his current marriage.  Kyle’s father died in 2008 of AIDS.

Besides his friends at School, all his life, Kyle has only known his Great grand mother; school like another home for Kyle.

Kyle is a brilliant, polite, energetic boy. He is very bright in class and receives good grades. He has a clear love for school.  While at school he doesn’t worry about food, his patched clothes, or the leaking roof at his house. He has lots of friends, playmates, and people to talk to.

In his recent drawing of things he likes most Kyle didn’t draw any material things.  He drew his friends at school, his teacher, sister & brother, father, mother, grandmother and his school. When asked to elaborate on his drawing he said he loves his friends at school. He referred to his best friends as his brothers and sisters. He loves his science teacher; he walks with him to school and has taught him several soccer skills.  He loves his school and wants to grow up to be teacher.

He smiles and says, “If I can have everything I have drawn then my life would be perfect.”

The Empower Campaign ensures that Kyle leads a normal life just like any other child his age. This is through the various projects of The Empower Campaign. The ‘Empower School fees Project’ ensures that Kyle stays in school by paying all his fees. ‘The Empower Meals project’ ensures that Kyle enjoys a healthy meal in order to study well at school.

Kyle, just like many other children that Empower sponsors, shows us that school is like home to him, his science teacher is a father figure and his friends are like sisters and brothers to him. Being out of school would be the same as being homeless to Kyle.


Seth Morton: Empower Hero.

Seth Morton

Seth was selected to be the Empower Hero because of all of the hard work he put into the 5K this year.  Seth was the “go-to” man for any sort of task that needed to be taken care of, whether it was painting the wall on a Thursday at 1 in the morning, carrying boxes, helping set up and tear down the 5K event, or simply rocking the Empower t-shirt.  He has been a great help to the Empower Campaign and you know that when you ask Seth for something it will get done.  Seth is always full of enthusiasm and has a quick wit that leads to lots of laughs when he’s around.  Seth is the silent hero for the Empower Campaign because he is not in the forefront of all the action, but he is the one supporting the bases for the Empower Campaign to grow on.  Thank you Seth for being such a big help and for always bringing a smile to the work you do for Empower.

Name: Seth Wayne McGovney Morton
Age: 21
Major: Mechanical engineering
Why you joined Empower: I joined empower because I’m in my fourth year of college and had yet to help anyone other than myself, and decided it was time to get involved.
Life Goals: After getting a bachelor’s degree I plan on working in the engineering field for a few years before returning to OU to get a master’s in mechanical engineering.
Favorite Books: Wal-Mart romance novels, Guinness book of world records 1996, Green Eggs and Ham.
Favorite Movies: The departed, stepbrothers, no country for old men, caddyshack 4, land before time.

Favorite Quote: “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.” -Cliche Motivational poster in my closet
“If you’re jet ski-ing and you lose a wheel, then how many pancakes does it take to cover a doghouse? Purple, because ice cream has no bones” -Author unknown
Where You’re From: Grew up in southern Ohio showing horses, then wound up in the wonderful slice of Appalachia that is Athens.