Empower Hero – Ryan Myers

Ryan Myers was chosen to be the very first Empower Hero for the Empower Campaign. Ryan started off this year by stepping up to help recruit people at the OU Involvement Fair. His excitement spread like wildfire throughout the sea of green shirted freshman looking for direction, and making sure every person that walked by received a flyer about Empower.  Ryan has always gone above and beyond what he has been asked to do as a member of The Empower Campaign.  He is an individual who is dedicated to what he believes in, is full of enthusiasm and hard work, all while maintaining a humble personality.

About Ryan Myers
Age: 20

Major: Theatrical Stage Design

How you became involved with Empower: “I’ve been friends with Gwennan Richmond (the current President at the OU chapter) for a couple years now and I always heard her talking about it. Ultimately, I wound up checking it out myself and liking what I saw from them, so I joined up full-time. It’s the success we draw from direct action that really drew me in; I hear far too much about NGO’s saying things, seeing sad-faced children, but nothing much else than that and a Paypal banner. I found Empower to be different. It’s personal. And I’ll be damned if that doesn’t make a world of difference.”

Life goals: “Graduate with a BFA in theater, get out of Ohio, do great work where I want, and be happy. That’s most important.”

Favorite book: Cannery Row by John Steinbeck.

Favorite movie: “My current favorite is fluctuating between Get Low and Synecdoche, New York.”


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