The Empower Campaign changes lives.

Everyday vulnerable children are obtaining an education based on the hard work volunteers do on campuses here in the States. The stories of these children are the reason all of the Empower volunteers work so hard.  Once a month a new story from Uganda about the children we serve will be posted to this blog.

This is the story of Kelli.

Kelli is an 11year old girl in p.6 class at School. She is an orphan living with her aged maternal grandmother and her 3 elder teenage sisters. Her sisters have all dropped out of school due to lack of school fees and their children.  Kelli is last born amongst her sisters. Kelli is shy, articulate, neat. Even though Kelli is shy she converses well when addressed. She is HIV positive and was constantly in and out of school.

The situation in Kelli’s home is really appalling; meals are irregular.  Kelli says she has often missed and been late for school due to lack of school fees. She also had to prepare her own meals to for school every morning.  Her class-mates always teased her about this, she said it hurt her a lot.

Kelli’s grand mother doesn’t work but they have a garden growing on land that has been loaned to them by the neighbors at the back of their house; this is were they get some food. They also have a cow that was given by one of the community organizations to households with kids living with HIV

In 2009 The Empower Campaign stepped in and started helping pay Kelli’s school fees. Ever since Empower stabilized her school payments her attendance and her grades in class have been impeccable.  Thanks to Empower ‘school meals package’ Kelli studies on a full stomach. Kelli loves it more at school than at home, for she finds comfort and solace studying, playing, sharing, exchanging ideas and making friends with fellow children. While at school, Kelli temporarily forgets her home problems and her struggle against AIDS.  She is getting a chance at a normal stable life just like any other child her age should.

Through gracious donations and the work all of our amazing volunteers, Kelli’s school attendance has stabilized, she also enjoys a delicious warm healthy meal at school, and her grades have improved greatly.

Kelli’s grandmother said her greatest happiness is an educated grand child in her household.


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