A letter from Pharidah Ddamulira

In my country, Uganda, education is ‘wealth’. The importance of educational attainment is well understood and agreed upon in Uganda but becoming educated is harder to achieve under current circumstances which jeopardizes the potential growth and development of individual children, their families, communities and the nation. Most Ugandans draw on metaphorical similarities to show how, since the nation is still young and developing, it is like a child that requires special care and nurturing and its due to this that the call for development through Education has awakened many nationals and outside sympathizers as well.

In Uganda, international organizations like The Empower Campaign and a progressive new constitution acknowledge the key roles that young people will play in the country’s future; the national youth Anthem even refers to them as “The pillars of tomorrow’s Uganda.” Children are therefore becoming-at least discursively –primary vehicles for social change and its due to this that children are entering into nation-building projects like Education not only as objects but as respondents and participants.

Thank you Empower Campaign supporters! Your love for Educating an African disadvantaged child has forested deep personal commitments amongst Ugandan youngsters to Self and National Development. Thank you!

Pharidah Ddamulira

Empower Kampala Program Coordinator


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