Worlds AIDS and Orphans Day

“My mother is HIV positive and struggles to raise my 5 siblings and I. Because our family has so little I could not go to school. The Empower Campaign answered my call for help and now I am attending school and working toward becoming a doctor.” Ronald, age 16, Uganda.

The need

There are 25 million orphans in Africa. Many of these children will grow up without an opportunity to acquire an education, explore their potential and create their own future.  They will never know these opportunities because the cost of an education is completely out of reach for them.
Why focus on educating orphans and vulnerable children?

  • Schools provide a structured environment where orphans and vulnerable children learn they are not alone.
  • Schools provide children with a safe environment, the emotional support and supervision of adults, and the opportunity to learn how to interact with other children and develop social networks.
  • School is where children learn the facts about HIV/AIDS and how to care for themselves, which is especially crucial for child headed households.

Helping educate orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda

  • 50% of Uganda’s population is under the age of 18.
  • 1 out of every 5 children in Uganda is an orphan.
  • An orphaned or vulnerable child is 50% less likely to attend school than a child with two parents.

Uganda’s Universal Primary Education (UPE), began in 1996. The Ugandan government pays the primary school fees for the children, which cover the salaries of the teachers and minimal upkeep for the school. The government does not pay for educational materials; ,socks, shoes, work books, pens, pencils, a mathematics set or the required uniforms that children must wear to attend school.
In practice, the UPE program is not universal. Orphans and vulnerable children are restricted from attending class because they and their caregivers often do not have the financial capability to purchase the necessary educational materials; uniform, socks, shoes, work books, pens, pencils, and a mathematics set that each child needs.

What The Empower Campaign is doing for AIDS Orphans in Uganda

Empower helps orphans and vulnerable children by providing them with educational materials

• Empower provides economic opportunities for families supporting orphaned children.

• Empower provides funding for school lunch programs so all children attending the school, including orphans and vulnerable children, get a healthy lunch each day.

• Empower constructs new schools and reconstructs debilitated schools.

Ronald, age 18, sponsored by The Empower Campaign since 2004

Construction of Bigodi Progressive Parent’s Nursery and Primary School, Bigodi, Uganda, 2010

Empower sponsored students at Kyanyawara, Uganda

Help educate an orphaned child in Uganda today please visit

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