Back in the city!

Hey everyone!

We’ve just spent four amazing days in Fort Portal, visiting the schools and children that we help sponsor. It was so great to meet in person all the kids we help! I especially liked visiting Bigodi School on Monday.  They put on a special presentation for us, thanking us and all of Empower for what we’ve been able to do for them. I can’t wait to share the video of the performance with you all! They’re making progress on building the school building too. It’s going to be so great for these kids to have real classrooms to study in, instead of the cramped rooms that serve as their classrooms now. It was really amazing to see where all of our hard work from the 5K is going!

We drove back to Kampala today. We’ll be visiting one more school  and meeting with the woman’s group that we work with in Kampala tomorrow. Friday, we’ll hit up the craft market in town before heading to the airport. The trip is going by so fast! I’ll be sad to leave Uganda but we’re bring back some great new inventory that I dying to show everyone. This stuff is seriously awesome!

Back in the states in a few days!




  1. Britney- so glad to see you’re having a good time! We miss you! See you soon :o)

  2. Hey Brit! That sounds so great! I can’t wait to hear all the stories when you get back! Tell Gwennen and Andria I say hello!

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