Driving through Uganda

Hello everyone!

It’s our second full day in Uganda and what an experience we’ve had so far! We drove across Uganda yesterday, from Entebbe to Fort Portal. It gave us the chance to experience the diversity in Uganda because we got to drive through cities and rural towns. No matter how many times you see it on TV or read about it, nothing can prepare you for the things you actually see here. I can hardly describe the things I felt as we drove past all the mud and brick houses, the true culture shock of being in a place that is so completely different from the U.S. I do have to say, though, that the Ugandan countryside is BEAUTIFUL! It’s the rainy season here so everything is vibrantly green and flowers are blooming everywhere. I hope the video I’m taking can give you guys some idea of the absolute beauty of this country.

The food here is absolutely amazing too! We’ve had some really delicious meals, from Spanish omelettes and British sausage, to goat stew and matooae (mashed up green bananas that taste exactly like mashed potatoes). If you know anything about my love for food, you know that I’m having an absolute great time trying out all these new dishes!

On a side note, we experienced a small earthquake around 3:30 this morning. It was nothing huge but I guess they experience these earthquakes every rainy season. Definitely an interesting wake-up call though. 🙂

Not sure when we’ll have internet again so check back often for new updates! Andria and Gwennan also say hello and send their love!



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