Run to Empower 5K is only 1 day away!

The Run to Empower 5K is only 1 day away!!

  • Come support your favorite non-profit for our biggest fundraiser of the year!
  • Pre Race Registration (Yes, you can still register the day of the race!)  and Check-In will begin at 11:00 AM
  • Volunteers should arrive at Ping Center no later than 9:30 AM
  • The member who refers the most people to register for the 5K will win a piece of Empower jewelry of their choice.  Just have the person write your name on their paper registration sheet, or email a list of names to
  • Remember:  All proceeds from the Run to Empower 5K go to completing construction of the Bigodi Primary School that was destroyed last year in a storm.  With your help, we can complete this project and give children a safe place to receive an education!  Support Empower and Let’s Build This School!

Today: Friday October 9 – Kristen Cheney Lecture Bentley 233 @ 2:00 PM

  • Come Check out Kristen Cheney’s lecture about the survival strategies of HIV/AIDS infected children in Africa

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