This Week in Empower

Empower Events for the week of 10/26/09

Empower All-Member Meeting
Wed. Oct. 28
@ 9 p.m. in Bentley

Debbie Elder, speaking on “Disabilities in Rwanda after the Genocide”
Thurs. Oct. 29
@ 7 p.m. in Baker Center Theatre (Admission is free!)

Elder’s speech counts for educational hours for Empower members. Don’t forget that you need to have two education hours each quarter to become/remain an active member! Leave a comment about the program below this blog post to show that you attended.


Photos from Uganda

As Andria, Britney and Gwennan travel back to the states, here are some pictures of their time in Uganda:

Andria Sherrow speaks with the women's cooperative in Kyanyawara.

Andria Sherrow speaks with the women's cooperative in Kyanyawara.

Britney Gedeon and Gwennan Richmond work with crafts in Kyanyawara.

Britney Gedeon and Gwennan Richmond work with crafts in Kyanyawara.

Britney, Gwennan and Violet (an Empower scholarship student) trek through the Khingami wetlands.

Britney, Gwennan and Violet (an Empower scholarship student) trek through the Khingami wetlands.

That’s all for now! More photos to come and if you want to hear more about the trip in person, be sure to stop by the Empower meeting this Wednesday at 9 p.m. in Bentley 236.

Meeting Recap 10/20/09

This week at Empower, we’ve been preparing for this upcoming Parent’s weekend. We will be having a sale Saturday 10/24/09 on the 4th floor of Baker from11:00am – 2:00pm. Also on Saturday, we will be having a beer tasting event at 6:00pm at Jackie-O’s. Tickets are $15 and include a few rounds of Jackie-O’s home-brewed deliciousness as well as appetizers all night long. It’s sure to be a great time!

In other news, we are working on an ad campaign and will be holding a photo shoot in a couple of weeks, be on the lookout for some new photo ads in the next few months!

Lastly, we will be holding a sale at a Bizarre held by St. Paul’s Catholic Church on Dec. 5, details on the way.

That’s all for now, keep checking back for more weekly empower happenings! Email for more info.

Back in the city!

Hey everyone!

We’ve just spent four amazing days in Fort Portal, visiting the schools and children that we help sponsor. It was so great to meet in person all the kids we help! I especially liked visiting Bigodi School on Monday.  They put on a special presentation for us, thanking us and all of Empower for what we’ve been able to do for them. I can’t wait to share the video of the performance with you all! They’re making progress on building the school building too. It’s going to be so great for these kids to have real classrooms to study in, instead of the cramped rooms that serve as their classrooms now. It was really amazing to see where all of our hard work from the 5K is going!

We drove back to Kampala today. We’ll be visiting one more school  and meeting with the woman’s group that we work with in Kampala tomorrow. Friday, we’ll hit up the craft market in town before heading to the airport. The trip is going by so fast! I’ll be sad to leave Uganda but we’re bring back some great new inventory that I dying to show everyone. This stuff is seriously awesome!

Back in the states in a few days!


Run to Empower 5K is a Huge Success!

  • Thank You to the 512 People who came to the Run to Empower 5K! Your contributions raised enough money to complete construction on another class room in the Bigodi Primary School! When finished the Bigodi school will have 7 classrooms, so we’re another step closer to providing orphans and special needs kids with a safe place to earn an education.
  • Jewelry Sales Training: Monday, Oct. 19th, @ 8:00 PM; Contact Lori Divo for more information
  • Parent’s Weekend:

– Saturday, Oct. 24 @ 6:30 PM: Beer Tasting at Jackie-O’s: Bring your Parents and try                                                                 some great beer for a great cause!

– Saturday, Oct, 24 @ 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM: Jewelry Sale at College Gate: Introduce your                                                            parents to our beautiful handmade jewelry, and pick out some holiday gifts!

Driving through Uganda

Hello everyone!

It’s our second full day in Uganda and what an experience we’ve had so far! We drove across Uganda yesterday, from Entebbe to Fort Portal. It gave us the chance to experience the diversity in Uganda because we got to drive through cities and rural towns. No matter how many times you see it on TV or read about it, nothing can prepare you for the things you actually see here. I can hardly describe the things I felt as we drove past all the mud and brick houses, the true culture shock of being in a place that is so completely different from the U.S. I do have to say, though, that the Ugandan countryside is BEAUTIFUL! It’s the rainy season here so everything is vibrantly green and flowers are blooming everywhere. I hope the video I’m taking can give you guys some idea of the absolute beauty of this country.

The food here is absolutely amazing too! We’ve had some really delicious meals, from Spanish omelettes and British sausage, to goat stew and matooae (mashed up green bananas that taste exactly like mashed potatoes). If you know anything about my love for food, you know that I’m having an absolute great time trying out all these new dishes!

On a side note, we experienced a small earthquake around 3:30 this morning. It was nothing huge but I guess they experience these earthquakes every rainy season. Definitely an interesting wake-up call though. 🙂

Not sure when we’ll have internet again so check back often for new updates! Andria and Gwennan also say hello and send their love!


Greetings from Uganda!

Hey Empowerites!

Andria, Gwennan, and I have finally made it to Uganda! We landed in Entebbe around 8 pm (Uganda is 7 hours ahead of Ohio time) so we haven’t been able to see much yet. We just checked into the airport guest house for the night and will head out to Fort Portal early tomorrow morning.

We won’t have internet again till Tuesday so look for more updates around then!