Meeting Recap

This week’s meeting was a busy one! If you missed it, read below to get in the loop:

  • Empower founder Andria Sherrow gave us an update on Bigodi School and Nursery in Uganda. A windstorm destroyed the newly build school for disabled children and orphans last November. We are fundraising specifically to rebuild this school, and our goal is to finish rebuilding this year! Empower has employed local workers for the construction who are all using locally-made materials for this sustainable project.
  • Andria also explained the new student internship program, which means if you are chosen to be an officer of the Empower OU student group, then you are considered an intern for the national Empower Campaign.
  • Joan Kanyange, our Empower in country consultant, gave a brief talk about her background growing up in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and her work with Empower.
  • Jewelry sales this quarter: Every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.; 5K race day on Oct. 10; Homecoming weekend on Oct. 17 – 18; and Parents Weekend on Oct. 24 – 25. You must have attended a jewelry training session to sell, so if you are interested, stay posted for more info!
  • We need help designing jewelry! If interested, e-mail
  • 5K! October 10, 12:00 @ Ping, $15. We need plenty of help with this, so please come to the 5K meeting this Wednesday at 9 p.m. in Bentley.

I know that this is a lot, but remember why we are doing all of this: to educate kids in Uganda so that with their education, they can make Uganda, Africa and the world stronger.

If you need any information or details about the minutes, please e-mail!

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  • Andria – founder of Empower
    • Bigodi School update:
      • A windstorm destroyed a newly built school for disabled children and orphans in Uganda
      • We are fundraising specifically to rebuild this school
      • Empower has employed local workers for the construction and locally made materials for the building
      • GOAL = finish rebuilding this year!
      • Check out photos online
    • Student Internship Program
      • Work as an officer for the OU Empower campaign, and be recognized as a national Empower Campaign intern
      • Improve management skills and professional development
      • Graduate school connections, career connections
      • Great opportunity for networking!
      • Must be a member for 2 quarters
      • Apply winter term

  • Joan – Empower in country consultant
    • Grew up in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda
    • Her father was a professor and he took her into the small villages during the holidays to see what life was like for those outside of the capital, which helped her to appreciate what she had
    • Attended University in Uganda and has her bachelors degree in developmental studies
    • She met Andria in 2000 after graduation and expressed an interest in going to graduate school in the United States
    • She is now pursuing her masters in African studies here at OU
    • She went home for the summer and is so glad that the students in western Uganda now have lunch programs at school
    • The women’s trade cooperatives are in need of business and are so appreciative of what we are doing for them also!

· Lori – Merchandizing

    • Jewelry sales
      • every Wednesday (11-3) on the 4th floor of Baker
      • Parent’s weekend
      • Homecoming weekend
      • 5K day
    • 2 new members with one experienced seller
    • You MUST me trained in order to sign-up for a sale
    • Sign-up for a sales training session soon!

  • Jordane – Jewelry Design
    • Uses jewelry that breaks during shipping to make new bracelets and earrings
    • Sign-up if you are interested!

  • 5K! October 10, 12:00 @ Ping, $15
    • All members are required to register
    • Sign-up to work the registrations tables
      • Oct. 1 = Nelson, Boyd, Jefferson (5-7)
      • Bring your computer if you can to register people online
    • Food donations: get an hour of mandatory service!
      • Gatorade, fruit snacks, granola bars
    • Smile Markers//Scream Team (alternative to running)
      • Make posters to direct people on the course
      • Wear costumes, be crazy!
      • Carli Coss and Bridget are coordinating the teams
    • Chalking – publicize on sidewalks all around campus
      • Organized chalk outings the next two Wednesdays after 5k meeting and general meeting
      • But feel free to start now on your own!
      • Write on chalkboards in your classrooms too!
    • We also still need general race day volunteers, sign-up!
    • Talk to businesses you know and think might be interested in sponsoring us and getting their name on the back of our shirts



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